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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Update the blog... I know

I didn't realize the blog was this far neglected. I tell ya... holidays and packing and moving in and finishing things up in the house and then sports and trying to get settled will really do a number on ya! I do still plan to go back thru and update the progress. I have all the pictures and all the dates to go with them. And I will back post them to match the dates. Because my ultimate goal is to get the whole process printed off into a blog book of some sort, like blurb books... Im sure there are other ones now too.

My reason for coming here today is different though. I've got something on my mind, and it could be a big impact on my life. I'm hoping its not, and that everything will be okay. But my first thought was, if it is a big impact, then I want to remember my first thoughts. The thoughts of when I was first scared. Scared of the unknown, scared of what is next and scared of what to expect. Because if this does happen, I know at some point I have to move past the scared feelings and be the strong, positive one.

Now you might be wondering what I'm referring to.. if there is anyone reading this. I went to the dermatologist yesterday to talk about a severe rash/scaring I got from a medication about 6 months ago and recently flared up again. It wasn't until this recent flare up when I was on Bactrim again, that I made the connection. And well I also had a small mole on my upper arm that has been there all my life, that has now changed color from brown to now black and has irregular borders, whereas before it was once round, and slightly raised. 3 of the 4 characteristics of Melanoma.  There I said it. They removed the area, and are having it tested and I'll get results at my 3 week appt. (The 4th characteristic was size, and it was just 3mm.)

So Im still trying to figure out, what does that mean? If it comes back as malignant, than does that just mean it was a spot and they removed it and I'm good? Does that mean they have to go in deeper at the site? Does that mean imaging and testing and the whole nine yards because you have the "C" word? Of course I'm trying to search all over google and find someone else that has started in this position, with just a small, little, irregular, changed mole removed. But that's hard to find.. seems most people on the site is dealing with it all over, inside their body. Is that what this could lead to?