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Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 170 | Wood flooring delivery, shelving complete, and light fixtures

House Day: 170
Loan Day: 185

We've got an assortment for a blog post today. We had our Buffalo Ridge Ash wood flooring delivered today. They were low on 5" planks, so we have 3-4-6" planks to play with. We will be purchasing a floor nailer to help us install this. Definitely going to be reading up on what we need to know about installing this come next Wednesday. 

Here are the two closets that are in Brady's room. The left closet we did shelving on one side and double rods on the other side. The right closet will have one rod and then two shelves above. I'm so glad we decided to have our trim guy do our closet organizers for us!

We have two hall closets upstairs. This first one is located on the catwalk area, and where I'll keep the vacuum for upstairs since it will be carpeted. And then also put a tall laundry basket in here for all the boys to put their laundry in. 

This other closet is going into the hallway with the other two bedrooms. This seemed more appropriate for a linen closet setup so thats what we went with.

Here are the other two boys' closet organizations complete, pretty much the same.

A little hiccup with our kitchen sink/cabinet. I'm pretty sure I would have mentioned that we are having a farmhouse sink to my cabinet place, but it isn't in the notes anywhere and therefore it wasn't ordered as a farmhouse sink base. :/ So Mat was going to cut off the top for us, no big deal... but when he actually took the sink out of the box to get that ready., then he realizes it still doesn't fit right. The apron on the sink would need to go down about 2-3" more. So instead of these doors, we are ordering 11" doors ( I believe) and he will be able to adjust this base into making our sink fit it. I'm so glad I don't have to buy a whole new sink base! 

Another hiccup, this is where the range hood needs to go thru the cabinet to vent. Well there is a pocket door behind there and and the HVAC guy says he will need to go thru the top of the cabinet and then straight up thru the ceiling. This really doesn't sound appealing because then I'm going to see a bump in the wall because it will have a soffit of drywall around it. I was hoping he could go from the cabinet straight into the wall and then up between the studs, but maybe there is a header there that he can't go thru? If it resorts to having a soffit visible then I will probably have him do it on the laundry room wall rather than the kitchen side.

We purchased the light fixtures for overhead on the porch and they were delivered today. For having to buy 10 light fixtures, I knew that would cost a lot as light fixtures are pricy. But fortunately I found these for $10 each and thought we would spray paint the metal on them to make them a dark bronze color to match our other exterior fixtures. These actually turned out to be bigger than I thought, and I love them!


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