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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 167 | Garage door mishaps and other updates

House Day: 167
Loan Day: 182

I pulled up this morning and saw this! Eek, what happened to our 2 day old garage door?! Our trim guy Mat said he just pushed the button inside to open it and this is what happened. It looks like the cable is loose on the right drum and wasn't lifting the right side, therefore putting pressure on the left side and bending the track. A quick message to who installed our garage door and they will be out at noon, awesome service!! Turns out the screws weren't completed in the drum, easy human error. I'm just glad I went with someone that guarantees their work and replaced the track with a new one. Thank you!

Mat and Rich got a lot of shelving done inside the house today too. Pantry shelving.. which there is a little story to this.. The original house plans had this as a pantry, and then opposite of the foyer they had a coat closet. Well when you add in the basement option, it takes away those coat closets and then labels this pantry as the coat closet. I didn't think anything of it when I read it and was just going to use it as a coat closet. 

Until my trim guy Mat says "So what kind of shelving do you want in your pantry?" 

I stopped him and said, "well, its not a pantry, its a coat closet." 

He looked a little puzzled and then realized oh yeah, there isn't another front closet." 

But after he said that, I was very curious in thinking, "Could I make this a pantry though? Do I need a coat closet when we are having the mudroom setup in the garage? And I can just have our tall coat rack in the foyer for guests.." 

So I made the decision to make this a pantry. BONUS storage that will definitely be used more than a coat closet would be!!

Master closets are done as well. My closet has a single bar on the left, double bars in the middle...

And then shelving on the right.

Tony and the boys also have a similar set up as this, with double hanging, single hanging and shelving in the middle.

The toe kick venting issue was fixed in the upstairs boys bathroom and now their cabinets are installed.

Here are before pics of the closets, as I'm sure they will get their closet organizers in there fast.

Window trim is up in the foyer, looking great!

And I can't stop drooling over the kitchen window trim with the cabinet moldings in now too!

We also have some grass coming up! Tony and his parents laid some seed down a few weeks ago and then topped it off with straw. -- I swear I have some pics on my phone that Tony sent me, apparently I didn't make a blog post about it thought, oops!


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