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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 164 | Garage duties

House Day: 164
Loan Day: 179

Tony and his dad installed the plywood on the one garage wall that he wanted to leave not drywalled. It is insulated so we needed to get the plywood up soon so the insulation wouldn't fall out. I think it turned out pretty good and will look nice when he starts adding his tin roof material and barn wood to it along with antique signs.

When we first pulled up to the house this morning we could see them working on installing the garage door. Wahoo!!

Garage door is in, they just need to complete the track install. There was a mess up on the window choice, we didn't want the arch in this style. -- I don't have any arches in the house style, lol. But they are fixing that for me and should have the inserts next week. 
We went with a high lift to keep more space in the garage when it is raised. If we could do it again, we would have made a taller garage door opening. We made our garage bigger than normal, 24'x24', but we didn't think to make the garage door bigger than the standard 7' tall. 16'x7' is the size of our garage door. But thankfully Tony can still fit his jeep in the garage if he needed to.

Looking good! This was just as we were leaving the house for the day. 

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