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Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 163 | Cabinets and window trim

House Day: 163
Loan Day: 178

A little hiccup with our cabinets. When we had them measured, the pocket door wasn't in yet so it had to be estimated based on what the door measurements were going to be. Originally we had two 18" cabinets up top on either side of the range, and 18" on the bottom right, with 9" cookie sheet cabinet on the bottom left. Well this would have put us about 3" hanging into the pocket doorway. So to make it look best, we need to cut back 6". 
After playing with several different options (Thank you Jen from Chelsea Lumber-Saline!), we found that changing the 18" upper left cabinet into a 12" cabinet would make the most sense for cutting our 6". We did lose the 9" cookie sheet cabinet there, and have to do just a 3" filler to the left of the stove. But it actually turns out that Jen was very generous with our island walkway and we had 47" on both sides of the island. So we have decided to put the 9" cookie sheet cabinet at the end of the island, but split the different on both sides, 4.5" off each end. It will still give us 42.5" isle around the island. And we only have to order a 12" cabinet to fill that upper left spot. 

So they were able to keep trucking along, adding in the other cabinets and adding the doors on them.  And look how awesome it is looking! Even our electrician came in and added can lights in our kitchen. --Notice the space between the cabinets and pocket door opening now.. its perfect for finishing it off with trim. 

Laundry room cabinets are in. We are doing a floating counter top in the laundry room, so that I can roll laundry carts underneath.

Dining room trim is coming along! Obviously I have some catching up to do with finishing the painting near the ceiling in here.

Our e-space (office) area, with the outlets higher up so they can be reached above the future countertops.

Beautiful trim on the interior of the front door.

Master bath cabinets are being installed. There was a small issue with how the toe kick registers were put in, they were sticking out the front a bit. But Mat was able to fix one of them, and the other was fixed by our HVAC crew.

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