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Monday, November 02, 2015

Day 152 | Work on the shower walls

House Day: 152
Loan Day: 169

We went to the house today to bring some supplies over to work on the master shower. I didn't the insulation to start to fall out until we were able to hang the cement board, so we stapled some plastic up there to the studs. I've seen conflicting arguments about whether to put this plastic moisture barrier up there or to just let it breath. I think I would rather let the cement board get mold on it (if it's going to) than the insulation or framing that is behind it. Of course while putting up the plastic in the boy's shower, I stepped on the edge of the tub for added balance and cracked the edge of it. Tony says to leave it, I say we are gonna get a different tub. It was $240, not a huge expense to buy something better. My mom thinks we might even be able to sell it for $100 to reap back some costs. But I think we will look for a fiberglass one this time.

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