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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 134 | More progress on the drywall

House Day: 134
Loan Day: 151

Garage drywall is all done so they blew in the insulation in the ceiling for there.

The framers came back this morning and fixed a few things, including adding these metal braces here in the great room.

Nice updates on the drywall!

The dormer Brady's room:

Lukas' room:

Aaron's room:

We came back later and got more pics of the finished garage. We also ordered the garage door earlier in the week on Monday so that should be in around the 26th. 

Leftover materials from building the porch... equals more credit back! ;)

We covered the siding materials up since we are expecting some rain, and the siding people can't start for a week or two. 

We were given some nice hoodies from our lumber/materials company, Chelsea Lumber! They have been awesome to work with and excellent deliveries and pick ups on our extra materials. HIGHLY recommended!!

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