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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 133 | Drywall has started!

House Day: 133
Loan Day: 150

Very exciting to see the drywall has been started! And man are they FAST!! They first came on Monday and started the ceiling in Brady's bedroom, but then had to stop because we still didn't have our inspection done on Friday like it was suppose to happen. So they left and did another job for two days. We had our inspection Tuesday and have a list of fixes for the framers... and we have them coming out Thursday morning to do those and then have our inspector come back out. But they were able to work on the upstairs rooms until the fixes were done. And also able to work on the garage. I'm glad they weren't halted completely!

Lukas' room:

Boys' bathroom double sinks:

Boys' bathtub and toilet area:

They have the garage drywall almost all done!

Our back porch was also completed today!

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