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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 128 | Porch wood delivery and building the porch

House Day: 128, 131
Loan Day: 145, 148

Tony's brother Dan came by in the morning and delivered the treated wood for the porch to be built. 

While they were building the porch on Monday, we had the roll off container dropped off for all the scraps. We have framing scraps still, will be using this for drywall scraps, and also siding scraps next week when they start that.

Siding and soffit was delivered on Monday morning too. 

Framing of the deck is looking really nice!

Just about complete!

Getting dark out, but here is the start of the framing of the bak porch decking. This is off our two story great room, the windows on the left is our master bedroom.

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