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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 112 | Septic and Drain Field

House Day: 112
Loan Day: 129

Tylutki came out and did our septic and drain field. I didn't realize how big the septic system tank was. It is this HUGE concrete block with two lids to it that you can have your septic system cleaned out. And then from there, there are several perforated pipes that run into the drain field and the water goes back into the ground.

He has the trees marked in red where he needs to take them down for the drain field. 

I stopped in the next day and was able to see the drain field all cleared out and the pipes are buried and ready for inspection from Greg at the County Health Dept. 

The day after inspection, Tylutki came out and did final grading on the side yard and the drain field. It will actually look really nice to have more open grassy areas in the side/front yard. I think I will clean out the other brush around those trees to make it look like we have trees actually in our yard. 

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