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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 80 | Weekend work

House Day: 80
Loan Day: 97

Waste plumbing vents that go up to the roof top... which by the way I need to research how this system works. I know it helps keep airflow for the waste to go out the bottom of the house, but wondering how its capped off so nothing comes into it?

Some HVAC work done in the upstairs bedroom.

The boys tub was installed in their bathroom. We will be tiling the surround in there. Still trying to decide if we go all the way up with the tile or not...

I love this curved tub!

Standing in one of the bedrooms and looking at the great room... 2 skylights, tall fireplace, windows.. I LOVE!

Basement floor done and more HVAC venting going on.

I just noticed that there is an outlet here too! No power yet, but it's ready!

These here are EXTRA shingles!! And not just all of them, there are more on the roof top! Can we say.. CREDIT?!??!

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