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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 69-76 | Week in San Antonio, TX update

House Day: 69-76
Loan Day: 86-93

I was out of town Tuesday - Monday in San Antonio Texas, so I don't know what updates were done on certain days. But here is what I've seen and also what needs to be fixed. 
The fireplace was installed and they ran the venting all the way to the top, but ran into an issue that one of the roof trusses is sitting center to where the venting needs to go up. So James will be back early next week to fix that.

A lot of the HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning) system has been installed in the walls. They have been working on this while they waited for the concrete floor to be poured in the basement. 
Mike Wood has also been working on the plumbing in the house on the weekends. One of the HVAC guys was even impressed with how fast he worked over the weekend. Most of the drains are in place, just won't be working on the copper lines for water until the remainder of the doors are on.

The metal square thing on the floor in the distance is the toe-kick vent that will be under the dual vanity cabinet.

And then the boys' bathroom with their plumbing and toe-kick venting.

We noticed the ridge vent from the roofing was still exposed, and he said they ran out of the vent system. I see it's in the garage now so I'm assuming they will be back soon to finish their job.
Its the left ridge of the roof below. Hard to see, but if you look at the right side, you can see the raised vent ridge, and the left does not have that. 

Another pic you can see the ridge venting on the garage, as compared to the roofing that doesn't have it.

And the BIGGEST news of all.... We have the concrete basement floor poured!!!! This has probably been our only hiccup. The framers have been waiting on them to frame the stairs, the framers have been waiting on them to put in the basement door, the HVAC guys have been waiting on them to do the basement floor joist work and also place the furnace. At least it is done now and it does look REALLY good..... nice and smooth and sanded out. 

We also noticed that we have an electric pole at the end of our driveway! To the right of the pole is where the driveway meets the road, you can see our neighbor's house there. So that's exciting! From that pole, the wires will be underground to our house.

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