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Friday, August 07, 2015

Day 65 | More roofing and interior framing

House Day: 65
Loan Day: 82

We had a long stretch of no workers at the house this week. But today, Friday we had the roofing crew out and did more on the roof, framers finished putting in the rest of the windows and then also more of the interior framing was done on the tray ceiling in the master bedroom and also the fireplace framing was done.

The windows were also installed on the top of the garage. 

Our excavator also came by and did some backfill by the back porch, which looks really good now.

And here it is.. the fireplace framing! It's going to look so good in a two-story great room!

Have I shown you the two skylights we have in the great room too? 
MORE Light!!

Here is our tray ceiling. Turned out a little different than I thought. I thought it would be a box tray ceiling, but its actually a vaulted tray ceiling. It might have gotten mixed up in convo when we were switching between a tray and a vaulted ceiling. But after looking at Pinterest, I actually will like this look too! I'm already pinning ideas for it. 

We did end up with one extra window. I think it was the window for the e-space area, but then we thought it wasn't on the order sheet. But in fact it was, just in the longer size, and we wanted a shorter size to be able to do a built in desk in there later and didn't want the window to close to the ground for that. So yay for a credit on our account!!!

Here again is the front door, waiting to go up! I'm not sure what they are waiting on. He said they would be back on Monday so maybe then is when they will put it up. Probably just didn't have time on Friday.

Here is the garage entry door. We went with this craftsman three panel style door for the interior doors and loved this for the garage door too. The front door is also a craftsman style too, just with the windows at the top added in.

They delivered the pocket door framing today, for the laundry room. I bet this will be installed on Monday when they come back.

We have SO much cardboard in the garage right now. We plan to get a trailer on Monday and take it all to the recycling center. 

Our friend Eddie from Consumer Energy is taking care of our new account for energy setup. He met Tony out here a few days ago to put the flags up for where they will run the wiring/gas lines from the road. 

Our electrician also had to change to a different electrical box for it to pass inspection. Fortunately Eddie came by before inspection and we were able to get the correct box from Consumers Energy and have our electrician change it. So this is the new box on the house, and already passed inspection. We are just waiting for Consumers to come out and dig the trench from the road and lay the wiring/gas lines.

The walkout basement side of house is looking good now with the windows in. The basement floor still isn't poured so they didn't want to install the basement french doors yet. I can't wait to figure out what we want to do with that retaining wall. 


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