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Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 86 | Random pics

House Day: 86
Loan Day: 103

Just some random pics...
Consumers came out and cleaned up their dig mess, and laid some hay down for the neighbors yard.

More furnace venting was done to go under the beam.

Forgot to get a pic of my "Honey-Do" list that I had for the framers. They got everything done Tuesday afternoon/ Wednesday morning!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 84 | Finish up framing odds and ends

House Day: 84
Loan Day: 101

The framers came back today and finished up the "Honey-Do" list that we had...
The OSB board on top of the tub deck...

The entry door from the garage to the laundry room. Now we can have the house locked up.

Basement stairs are done. These stairs will be open to the great room area, to make it part of the house. But until the downstairs is finished, then there will be a door at the bottom of the stairs.

More duct work from the furnace is done. They said they are about 80% done with their work.

First sight of seeing someone use the electricity in the house! There is one outlet so far, just this one.

The issue of the fireplace venting is fixed and the truss is ready for the fireplace people to come back out and finish the venting.

Garage floor is cured and looks great!

Roofers finished the top ridge vent and also finished up these plumbing waste flashings that my plumber couldn't get to.

The rest of the shingles are brought down to the roof level so now Tony's brother Dan can get to them when they pick them up for returning to Chelsea Lumber for credit.

Here is the end of our driveway, where it meets the road. Im actually standing at the area where the road meets the driveway.

Locked up and ready for key access only!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 83 | A little bit of everything

House Day: 83
Loan Day: 100

Lots going on today.. Consumers came out yesterday and rolled out the electric line and then today they dug in the ground and buried the gas and electric all the way to the house.

We also saw that Cooks came out and poured the garage and driveway apron, which was totally unexpected! Well now we wont have to bother them in getting that done.

The framers worked on a few things from my list.. setting up the master tub deck for the drop in tub...

Getting the pieces ready for the basement stairs.

Pocket door frame is set in my master closet.

Pocket door frame is also set up in the entryway between the kitchen and the laundry room.

More pieces getting ready for the basement steps.

Finished products from Consumers. We have an electric meter and the gas meter hooked up.

Basement doors are in now too. Im looking forward to the sunlight and entry down here.

Furnace has been started to be installed.

Another view of the house now with the garage apron. We plan to do gravel stone for the rest of the driveway for now. Its just too expensive for concrete the whole length, for as long as the driveway is.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 82 | Master tub change

House Day: 82
Loan Day: 99

Our plumber was measuring things up and showed us where the corner of the cabinet will be and wanted to make sure we were okay with the tub setup there... mainly if we were comfortable with how hard it was going to be to clean around this side of the tub.

And we decided to take it out and look for a drop in style. After searching online and returning this one to Menards, we found the same tub but in drop in style!

Tony put up some OSB boards so that we could have closure on the garage side of the house and have the house locked up now.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 80 | Weekend work

House Day: 80
Loan Day: 97

Waste plumbing vents that go up to the roof top... which by the way I need to research how this system works. I know it helps keep airflow for the waste to go out the bottom of the house, but wondering how its capped off so nothing comes into it?

Some HVAC work done in the upstairs bedroom.

The boys tub was installed in their bathroom. We will be tiling the surround in there. Still trying to decide if we go all the way up with the tile or not...

I love this curved tub!

Standing in one of the bedrooms and looking at the great room... 2 skylights, tall fireplace, windows.. I LOVE!

Basement floor done and more HVAC venting going on.

I just noticed that there is an outlet here too! No power yet, but it's ready!

These here are EXTRA shingles!! And not just all of them, there are more on the roof top! Can we say.. CREDIT?!??!