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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 57 | Granite selection and Roofing

House Day: 57
Loan Day: 74

Once we decided on the cabinet colors, we went to Stone Crafters in Clark Lake area to look at their selection of granite counter tops. We found on that we like and was able to take home a sample too. Its off white/cream mostly, with specks of brown, greys and whites in it. Here is a close up of it below. We are using this in all of the bathrooms, and the kitchen counter tops. We are just going to use a laminate countertop for the laundry room. This granite is called Giallo Ornamental and I was able to find some pics of it used in kitchens/baths on Pinterest. (Click the link to see examples)

Here it is in the large example: We will have the wider shaker trim door, but in white for the kitchen and two full baths. The powder room on main floor will have the wider shaker in the dark cherry wood shown and then the laundry room will have the thinner shaker trim in white as shown. We will try to find a laminate countertop that is similar to this granite, for the laundry room.

When we got to the house today, they had the finished the small roof overhang that goes on the front of the garage. They also came out and delivered the shingles today! So those are sitting there waiting to be put on. I hear it might be started this coming Saturday.

They also built the back porch framing and roofing for that.

That is now starting to take shape and come together with the previous framed roof.

Here is the shingle we chose, CertainTeed Georgetown Gray. 

Here is the roof overhang above the garage door.

We came back later in the day after they left and saw the back porch plywood is all done and they were starting the roof overhang that goes above the great room window trio. 

The electrical service panel also got done Thursday night. 

He was originally going to put in the panel box at the top of that left concrete wall, you can see a square with a circle drawn inside.. But turns out he couldn't because the sump crock was right in that corner. He said it needs to be 2 or 3' away from it. So he said he would put it on the front of the house, but I asked him if he would look at the right side next to the window. And that worked out great then. :)

Roofing materials are ready. I also think they will be delivering the windows and doors on Friday.

I love the corners in the front of the house!

And I'm glad we turned that into a double set window instead of triple set, for the foyer upper window.

It really was shaded well and beautiful out there this morning. I imagined myself having my coffee on the back porch, it's gorgeous!

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