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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 55 | Cabinet measure and selecting Tubs

House Day: 55
Loan Day: 72

No work today on the house by the framers. But we did meet Jennifer from Chelsea Lumber to measure for our kitchen cabinets. We are doing white shaker cabinets throughout the house, and a dark wood console fixture in the half bath/powder room main level. We are meeting at the granite countertop place on Thursday so I'll show you then some more pics and samplings.

We also were told by our plumber that we should try to get our tubs in the house before the doors are on. We picked up the boys bathroom tub, but not ours. Ours is special order and I didn't really like the freestanding tubs they have in stock. So we will have to fit that thru the door. At least the back doors are full open french doors so that will help with making sure we can get it in. So here is the boy's bath tub. I've had my eye on this curved style for awhile now, and will plan to tile the rest of the bath, rather than using an insert.

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