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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 48 | Roof Trusses

House Day: 48
Loan Day: 65

What a BEAUTIFUL day to put some roof trusses up! Our framer James told us he would be there on Thursday to do the roof trusses. So it was quite a surprise to see a text from him at 9:30 and say that he was there today working on it. He called me to come to the site because of a possible issue with the garage, which turns out to be fine. I guess the truss plans shows that the garage should have been 16" shorter that it currently is, so the overhang doesn't line up with the porch over hang, it will actually run into the roofing above it like this:
instead of this: 
Which turns out to not be an issue for us. It will still meet up with the porch roofing, and maybe even add a little bit different dimension to it. I mean, some people PAY for different roofing levels, right?!

So I arrived at the house just as the crane was pulling up too. I stuck around to check things out. I honestly could sit there all day, this is very intriguing how they build this! They just started with lifting some plywood into some of the roofs. Makes sense to help them for easier roofing framing.

I came back a couple hours later in the day and look how much was already done!

We left and came back in the evening and they had all the trusses up! And even had started on the plywood. We had a ROOF on the house! Well... rough framing roof. :) I will say, I had a little bit of anxiety as I came back to the house this evening.. It felt HUGE! Like OMG did we build too big? I mean, the inside it all that we want four ourselves, and its not HUGE. You'll see.. I think with having a two story foyer and two story great room though, it does add more house to your house. And really, its the roof pitch that is making it huge right now, it wouldn't look right with any smaller roof pitch really.  I think it will mellow out some in my mind as I get used to the new sights. Also when they add on the porch it will help to break the house in half and not see what looks to be 3 stories of house. It really is exciting to see this progress though! And only 48 days since we broke ground!!

Looking into the garage.

In the Great Room looking up at the balcony on the 2nd floor, which will be able to look down in the Great Room and also to the front of the house, into the Foyer.

Our tray ceiling roof trusses in our master bedroom. 

Standing in the great room, kitchen on the right, foyer/closet to the left. 

Master bedroom.

One of the bedrooms.

Another bedroom upstairs.

Inside one of the bedrooms, looking thru the wall to the great room and balcony.

Front foyer upper window.

I just LOVE this small panoramic with the sun glare. 

One last picture for the night... this is the kitchen wall that we wanted to cut back to 96" to make a little bit larger walk way between one of the great room columns and this wall. BUT... it currently just fits perfectly the fridge, under cabinet microwave, and the corner cabinet. So I'm meeting with Jennifer from our cabinet place tomorrow to see if we can scale back this wall still. I'm praying that we can!! You can see in the kitchen drawing that there is a LITTLE fill spacer between the corner cabinet and the microwave cabinet, so I hope thats enough to slide things down a little bit. It might have to be there for the corner cabinet door, not sure. We will see!


  1. After our house had been framed it looked freaking HUGE! But, in the end, when it's all painted and final details are put on it looked completely normal. Looking great LeeAnn. I love md the process too and am having fun watching yours, so thankful we are done!

    1. Ahhh thank you Michelle! Thats what Im hoping that it will look "more normal" after all the other exterior is done. Its hard to tell because we have no other neighbors next to us, just woods. So the tall trees around it probably don't help either lol.

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