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Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 47 | Porch posts installed

House Day: 47
Loan Day: 64

Now that the post hole concrete is cured, we had Jerry our township building inspector come out to make sure those were good. Everything is good with that, so the framers kept on framing. They got a lot done today. All the posts for the wrap around porch are in the post holes and also braced to the house. Last week they had just one exterior wall not put up on the second floor, it was in the foyer. Well now it makes sense, because it actually sits on top of the porch roof, over the front door. So you can see the roof framing that the foyer exterior wall now sits on the porch. Hopefully that makes sense, lol.
Our framers are now also working on another job site.. remember back to when we were moving faster than another site and could get them to work on ours first?? Well now that other site is ready, so he's having to split his time between the two. So he asked if its okay that he come back Thursday to do the roof trusses. So I'm assuming that means he won't be there Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Ugh... We have such nice days of weather planned this week too! Oh well, what am I gonna do...
James was also working today on putting together the roof trusses. The two you see on the right here, he added plywood on top of the truss frame and then waterproofing paper and then those other pieces. Don't ask me where its going, we will see Thursday maybe. I'm still amazed at how this house comes together all from a set of plans. I know, call me lame.. But its still foreign to me to read them.

Wrap around Porch in the front and the side of the house, all the way down to the garage.

You can see the exterior wall at the top there with the window cut out, its sitting on the porch roof.

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