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Monday, July 06, 2015

Day 33 | Second level floor joists and floors

House Day: 33
Loan Day: 50

The guys had Friday off because of the 4th of July holiday on Saturday. But they were back at it again this morning, there at 7:15am! I brought them donuts this morning since its Monday, and also because I needed to ask him to make a change on one of the walls. 
They didn't get to that wall change, but at least he knows about it and I'm sure he will. They worked on all the second level floor joists and even laid the floor boards down. Tony was also able to climb up and walk around up there. They also finished framing the garage and that looks really good! The windows in there are great and it feels so much more roomier in there than our last 2 car garage. What a difference adding 2 feet does!

Standing in the kitchen... The wall in front of me is the wall they have to cut back to the right a bit, about 8" or so. It was just too close to that beam see holding the header up. It was 31.5" opening now, I just knew I wouldn't be happy with it being small once the drywall and trim was up, especially if there is anything fancy going on with the pillars. So it will be about 40" opening I think? he's going to bring it to that next 2x4' there.

It worked out that we can have an open staircase to the basement, he will just have to do a post there at the corner of it. But thats fine. It will still have this feel/look to it. 

Here is the back of the garage, or the side, however you look at it. The first two windows (RtoL) there are in the garage, and then its the mudroom/laundry room window walking into the kitchen.

Master bedroom on the left and great room (2 story wall) in the middle, and garage on the right.


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