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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Day 29 | First floor framing complete

House Day: 29
Loan Day: 46

All interior walls on the first floor are UP!! Man are they fast?! I love seeing the two tall great room walls. I loved walking thru and getting a feel for the master bathroom now too. Im glad we made the toilet room in there as well. Tony likes his privacy, no open door policy here, lol. They even got started on the garage walls.

It looks like we got a delivery from Chelsea Lumber today, some concrete for the porch posts, 6x6 porch posts and also a lumber order for the framing upstairs.

This is standing in the kitchen and great room on the left, and facing the foyer and stairs that will go downstairs. I'm excited about having open stairway to downstairs basement. We wanted it to feel like part of our house with no door on it.

Standing in the Great room and looking at the foyer and front doorway.

Standing in kitchen and looking at the laundry room. The doorway to that is bigger than it will be, because its a pocket door. I was wondering how they would install that! Looks like he read my change on the print right :) Oh, and it looks like they added my other window in the laundry room too!

A panoramic view, standing by the "fireplace" and facing the kitchen, with laundry room in the back right. There are three posts at that left corner between the great room and kitchen. Originally it was a full wall, but we had it changed to just the posts needed for support, and then would possibly do a half wall between the posts, just enough to give it some room separation too. 
This is my 'inspiration' if you say, that I'm hoping we can turn this corner of three supports into this: 

I am however worried that the kitchen wall there in the background is a little close to the middle post. I know it will be 32", but I don't know if he was saying 32" right now as framed, or 32" after the drywall is up. I need to go and measure that this weekend. The fridge will be the first thing on that kitchen wall, so I don't want it to feel too tight. I can ask them to shorten that kitchen wall, right?!

Powder Room... Or as Tony says, "Just call it a bathroom".. well  technically  there is no bathing in the room, its just going to be a toilet and sink, lol.

Master bathroom shower with a half wall that will be tile. And then the toilet room to the right, with a door.

To the left of the shower half wall, will be a freestanding tub. I love the windows that we will have in here! And to the left of the windows/ tub will be double sink vanity. 

I guess I didn't get any pics of the dining room and e-space area. I'll add those this weekend. 

And there's the framing on the garage started. We up-sized our garage to a 24x24' garage, from 21.5' x 22'. We took off the window on the right wall, because I plan to do some hooks, shelves, bench things there for a garage mudroom area. So there will be two windows still on the back wall and two windows on the left wall.

One more view of the east side. Windows from L > R are Laundry room, Kitchen, E-space, and dining room.


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