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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 27 | Walls are up

House Day: 27
Loan Day: 44

After the floor joists were complete yesterday, they were able to lay the floor boards today. We first got there around 2:00 today and they had 2 walls up and were working on the east wall (the one you see on the left). It was neat to see them lift it up into position. I would have video recorded it but I'm not sure that I'm allowed to photograph/video the Amish.

We came back later that evening to be able to take more pics and get a feel for how things are really going to be laid out. It really is exciting to see chalk lines on the floor boards too!

Facing the front of the house here. 

Standing in the e-space/dining area, and facing the master bedroom (left) and master bath (right). The front of the house is seen on the right here and the back is the opening on the left.

Now standing in the master room and facing the kitchen (right), dining /e-space on the left side.

Great room wall is laying down, you can see its going to be two story great room wall. The window there is in the kitchen, its all open to the great room.

Front entrance, with the stairs in the 2 story foyer. 

Aaron is enjoying it. :)

Standing in the e-space/dining room and looking into kitchen and the laundry room is next to that doorway (to the garage).

Dining room on left, it will be to the front of the house.. and the small window will be an e-space area. you can see where they will have a [small] wall to the left of the window and then also to the right of the window will be a wall. Kitchen will be on the other side of that wall, with a doorway connecting the two.

Laundry room:

Walkout basement side is looking good! Thats our mast bedroom on the corner with the three windows, and then our bath on the left corner towards the front of the house. Our walkout is actually on the west side of the house, when you are facing the front.

The back view has our large master window, and then french doors from the great room will be here that lead out onto a covered porch.

We went down and checked out the basement. Definitely feels roomier down here now with flooring up over us. This is really exciting! Oh.. Tony approves too, he's looking forward to getting his Man Cave back. :)

Stairway upstairs where the light is, and the plumbing in the back there for the future full bath in basement.

A final pic of the front of the house. 

Outside the windows to (R to L) are dining room, e-space, kitchen and laundry room. What? you don't see the laundry room window? Oh yea, thats because they forgot it. :P No worries, I pointed it out and they will fix it. :)

Standing in the garage and looking at the garage entrance into the house that walks by the laundry on the right, and goes right into the kitchen on the right with great room on the left.

Laundry room!

So for tomorrow I bet they will raise this 2 story great room wall up and start framing the inside walls?

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