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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Day 1 | Official Ground-Breaking Day!

House Day: 1
Loan Day: 18

We have officially broke ground on Day 18! And remember I call this Day 18 because its been 18 days since our loan closing, and we have 365 days to get this done! --according to the bank, or you pay extension penalties. I know some might consider this Day 1, but I like knowing that its taken us 18 days now to officially break ground.

ETA: I'm changing to Ground-Breaking Day to Day 1. 

John Tylutki from Tylutki Excavating said it would take him Thursday and Friday to get the basement dug. Then Brian Olsen at Cook Concrete & Foundation has us on the schedule then for Monday to start the footings.

So far today it looks like he got rid of the leftover burn pile. He talked about burying that somewhere, not sure where he chose to bury it. But he knew to keep it out of the drain field and water well area. Looks like today he did some rough grading around the garage area and then also got the grading started for the basement. He dug a hole on the walkout basement side and you can see an orange stake there that is labeled GRADE. So I'm thinking that he will dig the rest of the basement on Friday based off of that grading that he started today.

Okay so if you remember, this was before he came on the land... I found myself a nice big round tree stump that I would take all my pictures from. The port-a-potty is to my right and out of my way... perfect!

So I come in today to get pics in the same place.. and I have THIS big pile of dirt now in my way, lol.
oh well, hopefully it won't stay there too long, or I'll have to pick a new place for my large-whole-project pictures. No big deal, right!

Alright, moving on.. Once I step on the other side of the dirt pile, we can get a better view. A lot is graded, and you can see a little bit of where the hole is dug on the walkout basement entrance.

This is now the side of the house that faces the back of the neighbors houses. I'll have to try to remember to take a picture of that view on Friday so we can see the privacy on that. Since things have really greened up, its looking a lot better for privacy. The winter time will be a little more bare than I want, but we plan to do some evergreen trees.

This picture is taken further back away from the house, its about half way from the garage to the road at this point.

Well that's it for today! I can't wait to see what we get on Friday!

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