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Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 9 | Soil Perk testing

House Day: 9
Loan Day: 26

Forecast today was for thunderstorms all day. Want to guess how much rain came in today? Maybe about 15 minutes of sprinkling. all day. Bummed that it was a wasted day. Oh well, thats how it is right now, we are all dependent on the weather.

Before we bought the property in June 2014, we had it perked to make sure we could do a drain field on it in order to have a house built here. John Tylutki measured it out this week and we realized that its still too high of ground compared to the basement level. Its up by about 4 feet. So we need to have a lower area perked. Today at noon, Tylutki and us met Greg from the county health dept to perk another area further down the slope. It turned out to be a good place for drain field, and we made sure it was out of the way for a future pool too. 

Some pics of the pea stone all complete. Its ready for wall forms on Monday! The boys liked running around on it. I need to try to get more pics of the boys around here too. it will be neat for them later to see how small they were when we built the house.

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