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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 8 | Pea stone delivery

House Day: 8
Loan Day: 25

We thought the wall forms that were delivered on the two trucks yesterday, would be going up today. But there was no one working on site. I gave a call to Cook's to find out if we were still on the schedule this week, and she said something came up today they had to do because of weather from a few days ago. But they should be here tomorrow to do the wall forms and she also said they would likely pour the concrete as well. She told me that the wall forms would also likely be removed then on Monday. Awesome news! Although, our plumber was planning to do the rough plumbing on the weekend, as a side job. So that kinda puts us behind about 4 days...I'm hoping it still keeps us ahead of the other job that our framer has going too. So that he can start ours first. 

We did however see that some pea stone was delivered, and looked like more was coming around the corner while we were there. Lester Bros was called in by Cook's to do it, and the boys got to see him shooting it out into the hole.

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