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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 7 | Basement wall forms are ready

House Day: 7
Loan Day: 24

Not much happened today while we are waiting the 1-2 days for the footings to set. We stopped by to see if they filled that last pad that we saw wasn't filled last night, but it still wasn't filled. I imagine they didn't have enough concrete since the other pad was added in, and now they will just wait until they pour the walls, to then also pour that pad. So I won't bother Kerry and call him about that. ;)

When we got there, one truck and a trailer bed was parked near the hole, and it appears these are the basement wall forms. They dropped the truck off for tomorrow. So that's exciting, they are building the basement wall forms tomorrow!!!

Oh...  I'll throw in this cutie from yesterday. :)

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