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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Day 6 | Fill 'em Up!

House Day: 6
Loan Day: 23

[Warning: Picture overload!]

Tony and I went up to Chelsea Lumber today to go over the Materials List, Windows order and to get the account set up to order. They did change recommendations in how the beam placement should go, and will actually save us money in beams. They will just have to add one extra pad to the foundation, which means now two poles in the basement. I'm not too fond of these poles in the basement, but maybe we can put one or two of them within the wall when we decide to finish the basement off. We also need to sit down and try to figure out how we would like to finish the basement, so we can see where we want the plumbing for a bathroom to be at.

So today on the property... All the forms were done and completed yesterday. I gave a call to Kerry after we left Chelsea Lumber so I could let him know about the beam pocket size they needed for the walls, and I guess he was actually going to call me about our basement windows. There was some discrepancy about the tall 5.5' windows I have in the basement on the walkout side. They were planning to build a 4 foot wall there to set the windows on, well that doesn't work when the windows are 5.5' feet and not the normal 3-4' tall basement windows are. I started to think that I would have to change my choice, but then he said he could just put in a 1' wall and that would be okay with the walkout side.

The retaining wall also had to be dug up between the back of the house and the side walkout area, at a 45 degree angle. So John Tylutki came out today to dig that and also dig back more dirt away from the walkout, since we are now seeing the far window is a low window and needs the dirt away from the window. Kerry told me that they would just be filling the footings and retaining wall then tomorrow instead of today.

John leveled out the driveway and area next to the house, made it a lot smoother.

I was on my out around 4:45 to meet Tracey from Fox & Boley Well Drillers at the property to go over time frame and location, and look what I ended up following down the road next to our neighborhood...

Could it really be headed to my property?? I knew it was gonna be Willbee that is pouring it, they work closely with Cooks, but my goodness, I wasn't expecting this today! And sure enough, as I turn down the street into the neighborhood, another concrete mixer is leaving the neighborhood! This must be the second batch coming in!

I pulled up and could see John Tylutki also added a layer of crushed asphalt from the road up to the top of the drive. It was getting really mucky and muddy and would be hard for the trucks to get up there.

And yep, they were almost done filling the footings! Kerry was there with them and directing it all. I'm wondering if since the original plan was for Willbee to do it today, and since John Tylutki got it all dug out and ready, they figured "Hey, why not do it today!" I LOVE this crew already!

We stopped in later that evening after Brady's baseball game, around 8:00 to show my Mom, Jim, and Ana the new house going on since they haven't seen it yet. I think they are pretty excited for us too and also realized how much deeper the hole is than it seems in pics. We got to enjoy a little sunset thru the trees too. We did notice that all the footings and pads were filled except for one. I can't imagine they forgot it or didn't see it. I know we added the other stationary pad in earlier this morning, but I didn't think he misunderstood me that it was an ADD, not a replacement. Hopefully they are taking care of this tomorrow morning. I can also see that he must have had to pull the form-a-drain back a little bit for the walkout area. It was a smaller short opening there before, and now its wider. I feel bad they had to change it, and didn't realize until writing this Wednesday night that he did indeed have to redo the form there.

This is the retaining wall they built for the walkout area.

The garage area:

Our back yard:


That's it for today! They let this set for 1-2 days and then will start the wall forms for the basement walls. I'm hoping on Thursday!

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