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Monday, June 08, 2015

Day 5 | Let's Form a Drain!

House Day: 5
Loan Day: 22

We got a call from our framer James Zehr of Dutch Craft Construction (Amish builders) this morning, and he wanted to meet us on the property for the first time at 11:00. I also then got a call before leaving, at about 10:40 from Kerry at Cooks Foundation that had a couple questions since they were on site this morning starting the footing forms. Perfect timing! I'll be right out there!

We pulled up to the property and James (and his driver) was there. We walked up to the house, pulled out the plans and went over a few things. He told us that there is another house he thought he would be framing first, but because we are starting our footings today, we are actually ahead of them! He said if we could actually get the plumber in right away to do the rough plumbing, then James would be able to take on our framing job first! The Challenge is ON!!

Kerry and a couple guys from Cooks was there pulling the forms down into the basement hole and getting things measured and squared up.

After James left, I went down and talked to Kerry, nice guy, very easy to talk to. That was one of my fears about doing the general contracting myself, is since I'm not educated in this and each step by step decision, I'm hoping the contractors that we hire to do the jobs are helpful and nice to me, lol. And so far, so good with the professionals we've had so far. A couple questions Kerry had that we will have to get the answers on:

-Does the well driller want Cooks to leave a hole/sleeve thru the wall for the water well?
(eta: Well driller will drill their own hole.)

-Does the electrician want a ground rod sticking up thru the top of the basement wall, or in the footing?
(eta: ground rod outside the footing)

-What is the beam size for the beam pockets that Cooks needs to form?
(eta: i gave him the beam size pocket after we got the info from Chelsea Lumber the next day)

We came back later Monday evening to check out the done job of the fitting forms. Impressive! It's all set and ready to go! The square pad in the middle there is where a pad of concrete will go to hold one of those vertical basement poles that help support the steel beams. The other one is hidden in the wall steps. Thats what you see there, the forms to help support for the stairs of two levels.

There is the opening for the walkout basement.

A panoramic... no its not a curved front to the house, lol.

Annnnnd, my tree stump that I wanted to stand on every day to be able to take my pics, is occupied by a back hoe today. I'm pretty much gonna have to give up on this spot.. but I'm going to persist, it just might still work out.

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