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Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 26 | Floor Joists

House Day: 26
Loan Day: 43

Today Tylutki came in and filled the garage with more dirt and graded out the area behind the garage/house a little more. 

James and his [Amish] crew came out early this morning, 7:30am, and started with the beam posts. Well they got one one, but then realized that the beam pocket didn't line up right on the other. So they had to wait till the afternoon when Cooks could get out there and recut the beam pocket. It was off by about 1 foot! So once that was fixed around 2:30, they certainly worked fast to get the rest of the floor joists in! It's pretty neat to walk in the basement now and can get a feel for how tall the ceilings are. We chose to go with 9 foot ceilings and I already LOVE it!

I bet they will be laying the floor boards tomorrow, as they have moved them over to the house, and that seems to be the next step.

Here you can see the beam pocket to the left, and then actually where it should be. I was a little worried and concerned that half of the beam is not on the concrete, but actually on 2x4's, but I'm assuming they know what they are doing here... RIGHT?! Also, this is where the basement stairs are at and there are footings below this beam, so there will be a weight baring wall right under this, and technically doesn't need a beam overhead. So I guess since thats the case, there will be support under it, then we should be good. 

I'm pretty excited about the basement. We kinda had to plan things out and where we want them so that we could plan the future bathroom plumbing. We will only have two standalone beam posts, and once we finish the basement, it will just be this one. The other will be framed within the bathroom wall. 

This is looking up where the opening for the stairs will be. 

And of course a basement selfie. :)