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Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 23 | Framing has started!

House Day: 23
Loan Day: 40

We hired James Zehr and his Amish crew from Dutch Craft Construction of Coldwater to do our framing, siding and roofing. He's great to communicate with and a real hard worker. He got his crew in there as soon as they could! While we wish the basement floor was poured, its not going to hold up the framers. Cook has already said to continue with framing and then they would just pump the concrete in to the basement floor. And because the basement floor wasn't poured, then the beam posts were the wrong size, short by 4". So they couldn't set the beams up today. But they did lay boards down around the perimeter, and also framed the walkout basement wall. They are just leaving it down for now so they can get the equipment in to raise the beam on Monday. 

You can also see that Tylutki came in and did partial backfill around the house. That will help to secure the foam in that we laid against the exterior wall and also for the framers to get in and be close to the house.

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