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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 21 | Floor trusses delivered

House Day: 21
Loan Day: 38

I called in the morning to see if we were on the schedule today for Cook to pour the basement floor and they said we were, along with a commercial job. Well at the end of the day, they never came by. Which is too bad, because Thursday is suppose to have rain all day. So that means Friday is going to be quite the exciting day at the site. We will have the framers start, Tylutki backfilling and now Cooks/Willbee concrete filling the basement floor.

We did get a little action today though. While I was out there checking, I was pulling out and saw this large truck starting to back up into the drive. So I got out of his way, let him back up the drive and thought I would stick around to see how in the work these materials would be getting off this flat bed.
He even made a slick move of getting in between the left over foam sheets and the treeline. --Oh note to self, or self builders out there... Don't count your walkout basement wall in your total linear footage when figuring out how many sheets you need. We totally counted that whole wall and then was over by 14 sheets. Thankfully Chelsea Lumber is making a delivery tomorrow and can return these for us.

So here he is all set, and getting ready to unload these!

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