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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 20 | Foam board insulation and grading pea stone

House Day: 20
Loan Day: 37

We called early Monday morning to get a Plumbing inspection appt for that day, but he was booked up and couldn't do it until Tuesday at noon. So Tuesday we met for that and it took a whole 5 minutes really. After we left there, we headed to Chelsea Lumber to pick up the 2" x 4' x 8' foam insulation boards so we could put them around the outside of the basement walls. This is per code, to put them on the exterior or interior. We've read its better in the northern states to lay it on the exterior, and easiest right after waterproofing. It should stick right up against the tar. Cooks had come around 1:00 and was still working on grading the pea stone in the basement floor and would be waterproofing (spraying the tar) on the exterior walls (below grade) before leaving. So we loaded up the trailer and headed to the property to drop it off. 

We came back later in the day when they were done, to un-bundle the foam sheets and lay them up against the freshly tarred exterior. It wasn't as messy as I had thought, but I did wear scrap clothing and shoes just in case. Tony (and the boys) would bring the pieces to me and I would stick them to the walls, one by one. They stuck pretty good for the most part, some we anchored with sticks. When the dirt is backfilled and the final grading is done, then we can cut off the remaining foam that sticks up above ground. 

Now that the pea stone is all graded, the sump crock is in, then Cooks can come out and pour the basement floor. They say we are on the schedule for this Wednesday or Thursday. They better hope so! James will be bringing his crew to start framing on FRIDAY!

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