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Friday, June 05, 2015

Day 2 | Basement hole has been dug!

House Day: 2
Loan Day: 19

I have a feeling every post title from here on out will probably have an exclamation point on it. I just couldn't believe how awesome it looked today.. a hole! haha!! I got out to the property around 5:30pm this evening and Tylutki was out there working on it still. But it looked really good! I was really impressed with how fast he went in one day. He said this was probably the best basement they have ever did before, because of the sand at the bottom. Normally he hits a lot of clay and its hard to smooth it out, but they hit sand and its leveled out so nicely for them. Oh, you've got to give credit to his good machinery too, he made mention of that. :)

So here's my tree stump I'm standing on.. pile of top soil still there.. and I'm pretty that will stay there till the end now until final grading.  If you look closely to the left of the backhoe, you can see they are actually still working right now.

That's John Tylutki in the green shirt. I don't recall the shirtless guy's name. But both were raving about how easy a basement this one was because of the sand.

And here is the beautiful basement! I am just in awe of how smooth this is.

Here is some orientation on how things will lay out. Of course the basement will be left unfinished with just the walkout (under the master bedroom, on the right side). Here is the first floor plan. Bear with me, because I'm going off of memory. The great room is a two-story room, and also the foyer is two story. The stairs that go up, lead to a balcony that you can see down into the great room.

Bedroom 4 has a dormer at the front of the house, in case you couldn't tell.

Some other views, back to the first floor plan. The garage is accessed thru the laundry/mud room.

And now a view from the walkout basement side..

John Tylutki said he talked to Brian Olsen today and Brian asked about coming and starting the footings today, but John wasn't quite ready. So Monday it will be! We plan to go to Chelsea Lumber on Tuesday and finalize our materials order and get that ready to pull the trigger. It won't take long for materials list, but it will take time for the windows to be made. I also need to start watching the stores for my light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and appliances to see when they are on sale. I'm not sure where in this rental house I'm going to store everything?!! 

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