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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 14 | Wall concrete is poured

House Day: 14
Loan Day: 31

Yesterday was a lost day, not that it puts us behind or anything. We just seem to still be in competition to be ready for framing before another house, so that we can get our framer to do ours first. I wish I knew how close the other house was in pouring walls. Anyways, its a 7-10 day wait before framing can start. So we are gonna get all our other ducks in a row to be ready at that time. Wall forms are coming off Thursday or Friday, and then rough plumbing will be done this weekend. Our plumber is a friend of a friend, who is doing it as side work, so he needs to work weekends on it. Fortunately it should only take this weekend to do what he needs before we have inspection on Monday. Then then plan is to have the waterproofing on the outside done, the basement floor filled with concrete and then the backfilling can be done. That should put as at the time then framing can start.

So for today's pics, we have the concrete poured in the wall forms. We stopped out this morning at 11:45 and they were packing up their trucks and all done. So no action shots really for today.

Then we stopped out later this evening to be able to walk around more and get a closer a look at things without being in their way.

This is the retaining wall for outside. I'm already starting to pin things on Pinterest for ideas to 'decorate' this concrete wall on the walkout side.

This is a view from the back side of the house, thats the retaining wall extending off the left, from the walkout basement area.

I could see there is some space left in this one, this is the garage entrance, so that must be close to the ground level about a foot down in the form.

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