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Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 12 | Basement and Garage wall forms are up!

House Day: 12

Loan Day: 29

I stopped out at the property around 9:30 this morning and saw Cooks was already almost done framing the garage walls. They had about 5 guys out there working on it.

I imagine a lot goes into this to make them nice and straight. I was told it will be level within 1/2" too! I sure hope so. I had so many people/contractors recommend Cook Foundation and said they were the ones to go with. You might pay a little more than others around here, but we felt it was a very important piece of the house we didn't want to cut costs on. I didn't even price compare other places, because I didn't want to even know, haha!

We went back in the evening to check out the progress, wondering if they were able to pour the concrete too. I was doubtful as there was some rain in the afternoon, so I figured they would probably just finish the framing. Tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful, no rain in the forecast, so I think we will see concrete trucks tomorrow.

Now you can see the walkout basement area.

Retaining wall on the right there. The slope of the concrete will be under that piece of wood.

The little corner there will be the foot print of my laundry room on the main floor. Down here in the basement it will be storage space.

This is the face of TROUBLE.

We had Hunter with us today so he came over with us and the boys.

This flat area here will be the future spot for a pool years down the road. :)

This is from the back of the house, the corner of the garage to my right. There will be a back porch off the back door here.

I absolutely just LOVE this view! I will love walking out the basement and seeing the wood line of trees.


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