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Friday, May 29, 2015

We have a potty

Loan Day: 12

We've got something new on the property... We have a port-a-potty delivered today on Day 12! We were told that excavating could start as early as Day 12, so we wanted it have it there and ready. Its probably a good thing excavating didn't come out today, because the portable toilet didn't get delivered until later in the afternoon. The driver called me around 2:30pm to ask where to put it. I had him put it near the house building site, so it can't be seen from the road. Now maybe kids/teens would be less likely to mess with it since they can't see. It would also be easier to access being closer to the actual work project.

So here it is, what you've been waiting for... pictures of the port-a-john. The house will be situated on the left side.

I made a post on Facebook in the morning about it being delivered today, and a friend that lives down the street from the new house actually was driving behind the delivery truck! She snapped a picture of it and posted on my Facebook wall.. I thought that was too funny. Thanks for this pic Jenny Soltis!

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