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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Loan Closing and the Stakes are in

Loan Day: 1-3

We closed on our new construction loan on Monday afternoon. Went pretty quick and smoothly. Our loan officer from the credit union even picked up the cashiers check for us before he left the credit union. The clock has been started and now we have 1 year to complete our build! I know typically most people might start Day One on breaking ground, some start Day One on the day supplies are brought in, I'm going to start Day One on Monday, when we closed on the loan. Because that is the first day of the next 365 we have to get this done. And it will also help me remember how long it took before ground was broke and digging started, etc.

So after we left closing, we headed over to the property to work on starting the stake the house out. I called our excavator earlier in the day and told him we were closing, and to find out when he can start on his schedule. He is estimating the end, maybe middle of next week (around Day 12ish), but will call at the end of this week to touch base again.

I don't know what I was thinking, but I wasn't prepared at all, with all the house measurements and square numbers to make the house square. So I pulled up the blue print pictures I had saved on my phone and was trying to do the math from the iPhone screen. We got about 75% of the way and realized on one measurement it was about 5 ft off. Gahhh! We just decided to head home so I could draw out the house, foundation measurements and have the numbers ready to make sure it was square. Which by the way, this is with the 3-4-5 rule. Well if you've ever done this yourself on a new house foundation, its tough to make sure its right. But I found this website that will do it for you based on your two measurements, it will give you the diagonal to make sure its square. Perfect! I entered in all my corners and got the numbers I needed. Here is the website I used:

We tried to get it all straight on Day 2 and I still ran into an issue, because we made our garage 2 feet bigger in both directions than the original plan. So back home we went and I did the math a third time. We went back out after school today and got it all done, its all correct and square! Well within 6 inches... I'm hoping that's fine, since the excavator will actually be taking it all down next week when he does rough grading. It's SO uneven right now from natural contour and the work that was done with the timber guys. So I guess we will see if WE have to re-stake again, or he will, after its rough graded.

And of course, I'll be adding pictures along the way. I want to remember this just as much as I want to share with you. :)

Stakes are in place
Building Permit and Notice of Commencement are posted
Leftover burn pile from the timber guys
We are viewing the future front of the house.
Front porch in front and the left side. Garage in the back left. Walkout basement on the right side of house.
This is from the left side of the house, you are facing the side porch, with garage on the left.

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  1. I'm so happy for you all! It's going to be a journey that's for sure! ONE YEAR! We had 14! I'm looking forward to watching the progress!