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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Frost Laws are off!

Okay the moment we've been waiting for.. Frost Laws are off! Don't know what that means, you can read more HERE.. but basically its during the spring time where there are weight restrictions on the roads as they thaw from the winter. And the logger didn't want to deal with that, so we decided to wait until they have been cleared. Now I'm just waiting for the logger to call me, any day now! Hopefully he gets out there and clears this week or next.

We are almost done with all the bids too. Mainly waiting for the excavating, foundation and concrete work, and drywall installer. I'm planning to make a call to the credit union tomorrow and get an appt or things rolling with them. Just to make sure we have everything squared on our end other than the few bids we need back.

As far as things I have picked out for the house, well you're just gonna have to wait and see as it goes in. ;) I will definitely post pics and links of all that I can as we go along! So if you want to follow along on our build, its probably best to subscribe by email! I'll put the link on the right. :)

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