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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Did someone yell TIMBER??

Fodor Timbers have been at the property the last few days, clearing the area for the house, and also taking a few other trees worth money in exchange for their clearing. I finally got to go out there this morning and see for myself. It's SO awesome!! I love seeing all the space for the house but still having woods around us. It is a little thin on the neighbors house side, even without them touching that area, but I think it will be better once things get green.

They will burn the brush and stumps this week and then should be about done after they move their pile of timbers out. We thought we could get right into having excavating come, since we have cash that we will be using first before we start drawing from the construction loan. But it doesn't work that way. We can't spend any money right now, until we actually close on the construction loan. Once it's closed, then when we go to make draws from it, the bank will actually draw from the cash first, for us. So we still need to bring the cash to closing, like you would for buying a regular house. Soooo we wait now, till closing. Our Loan Officer is setting the date for May 22, and will get it done sooner if it goes quicker. The time all depends on the Appraiser, in finding the value of what the house will be on our property. I'm hoping the process of approval and finding comps will go fast! Having to wait to break ground put us back another 3-4 weeks. Oh well, it's all coming together now anyhow. And it will be worth the wait!

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