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Friday, February 20, 2015

So it starts

So shortly after getting our accepted counter-offer on our house, we started to also pursue the building plans. We ordered the blueprints (wow, pricey!), made LOTS of appointments with General Contractors to talk our plans over and start to get some estimates/bids. But also keeping in the back of our mind that we know a couple people that have been their own General Contractor and was able to save a lot of money. 20-30% to be more precise. But we thought we would see where the numbers would come in.. Well the bids we are getting are about $50k more than our budget cap on what we wanted to see. So after talking to one couple, D + O, we definitely got the bug to do our own General Contracting. We are meeting tonight with the other couple K + M to walk thru their 2 year old house in the same area as ours. He was also kind enough to share his budget spreadsheet of all his sub-contractors and the several bids that he got from the area. This has been very helpful in seeing how it all came together.
We met with Chelsea Lumber twice this week, turned in a copy of prints to get a bid for materials list on the lumber and for the windows. I also have a hardwood flooring picked out that I will get an estimate on. I'm looking forward to seeing all the numbers come together and see what ticket price we can get on this project.

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