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Sunday, April 07, 2013

3 months old

I'm already falling behind on keeping up with blogging. At least I do have pictures during this past month!
Here is Aaron's 3 month old pic on the quilt I made him. :)

He's such a sweet heart. Always has a big grin on his face when you smile at him. I love the little bit of laughing that we are hearing too. And of course does the same thing as his brothers, gets the hiccups when he gets laughing too much, lol.

He's starting to bat at the hanging toys on his playmat. And being toys to his mouth. I still need to bring up more baby toys from the basement and get those cleaned for him to have more things to grab at.

He has way more rolls than his brothers did. Which I'm very thankful for, I've always wanted a chunky baby. What I don't like, is the redness and moisture that he seems to be having a problem with in his rolls. We've had problems with his neck rolls, under his arm pits, behind his knees, and in the thigh rolls. I've noticed that hydrocortisone cream seems to do the best at drying it up and clearing the red. But I hate the amount that I have used on his skin thus far. So I've been trying to also see how Coconut Oil does for it too. Especially in the thigh rolls, as there aren't much you want to use with cloth diapers. And coconut oil is okay to use with cloth diapers.
He has his appointment on Tuesday, so ill update with those stats then. And also will be asking about his redness in the rolls issue. Might have to get something for his neck, I'm a little afraid we might end up with a yeast issue there.
Other than that, he's a pretty happy baby. Absolutely LOVES to kick his legs when on the playmat and when I'm changing his diaper. He must love seeing all the colors on his wall of the wall quilt. :)

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