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Saturday, February 23, 2013


This little guy had an ear ache two nights this week and I finally brought him into the Drs. I know they say that 70% of ear infections go away on their own, but the pain was just getting worse for him. And I'm glad I brought him in on Wednesday. Because by Wednesday evening, he was in tears and you could just see the pain on his face. He was able to get two doses in that day, and Thursday morning he was already back to his good self! I was so thankful to those two doses of antibiotics for kicking right in and getting rid of the ear infection.

Lukas also was running a fever for two nights, but didn't find anything wrong with him while at the doctor. Just a virus that has to go away on its own.

It made for a hard couple a days, caring for two sick kids and a newborn.

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