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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recap of the last couple weeks

My Aunt Sharon came to visit us, and met Aaron for the first time. She recently became a grandmother to twin boys born in December. So she's got the baby thing down pretty well, since Amber and Jerimee and the boys live with her right now.

I've gotten quite a bit of smiles from this little guy!

Of course the baby acne at its most...

And the cradle cap that's starting up on his head..

It's a good thing it didn't last too long... Now his face is starting to fill out and get that soft baby skin again :)

For valentines day, Lukas and I made his valentines. We took this (last minute) pic and made it into these valentines with suckers in them.

The boys got some snail mail valentines from Nana and Papa in Texas, and Grandma Carol. Funny thing is, they all arrived on the same day!

I made some fruit kabobs for Lukas school party. And happily ended up with a large container of leftover fruit for us at home!

Loving these random pics I took of him...

I went back to work last weekend. And apparently Aaron didn't want to sleep.. Or actually.. He couldn't fall asleep, because I wasn't there to nurse him to sleep. He still wouldn't take a binkie and apparently was awake for 5 hours straight. At least Tony did say that he wasn't crying really.
But he sure was all smiles on Sunday when I got to really spend some time with him again.

It definitely was reassuring to me when I came home every morning from work, and saw Aaron sleeping. Then I knew that he could survive the night without me. Now they just have to figure out this binkie situation and put thing himself to sleep. :)
Brady and Lukas are both doing great with Aaron. So far they haven't shown any signs of jealousy. I remember when Brady was born, Lukas used to tell us to put him down, so we could get something for him. So far they both have been understanding of when I can't get something for them, because I was feeding Aaron. Both are great about comforting him as well, when he starts crying. The common phrase they say to him, "It's okay Aaron... It's okay." :)

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