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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Grey matter

We do monthly educational in-services at work and decided to work on neonatal baby heads this month, since we were able to use Aaron as a scan model. We typically scan premature babies in the NICU to check for hemorrhage. Also check mature babies with large heads for hydrocephalus. Aaron doesn't exhibit either one of these issues, so normal brain anatomy is what we saw. :)

He did so well sleeping there on my lap. When I was pregnant with him, we also had an in service on fetal echo's. It always worries me when I volunteer to do these things, because what if something does show up abnormal. In fact when I was a student in 2004, we used Tony as a scan model at the college, and found he had gallstones! Never had symptoms and still hasn't had issues, thankfully.
So I guess it's also good to know that Aaron has a healthy heart and head. :)

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