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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sub-zero temps

We pretty much lounged around the house today, since there was no school today. Below zero temps and very cold wind chills can do that to a school district.

I worked on cleaning out pictures on the old MacBook. I kept getting an error message that said my startup disk/drive was too full, so therefore I couldn't transfer my pictures over from my iPhone. (And I've got 1,036 of them waiting to be transferred!!)

I was also getting an error message on my iPhone telling my storage was too full to take anymore pictures. So I cleaned thru a bunch of those, and got it down to under 400! Transferred a bunch to my Flickr account, but also mainly deleted a bunch that weren't needed.

But I still need to work on the getting the computer ones cleaned up, maybe even transfer those to Flickr eventually too.

We did make a trip to Target, as I have been wanting to get one of these Crane Humidifiers.

They only had this elephant and the frog available in the store. Rest were available online. But we really needed it now, so I didn't have time to wait for an online order. Still the elephant is pretty cute. And it will match Aaron's grey room when he's in there full time. For now, the humidifier (and Aaron) are in our bedroom.

So we sat it up in the living room the rest of the evening, to test it out.

And now I've moved it into our bedroom for bed. :)


Oh! And look what else we saw in the gift wrap section at Target (!!!!)

Pretty frickin' adorable, right!?!

And ill also leave you with this pic of Lilo and Stitch..

Gnight!! ^_^

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