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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Say "Ahhhhh"

Brady and I had dental cleanings scheduled this morning. I have one cavity that needs a small filling (insert enthusiasm).
Brady's cavity-free appt went pretty well.

We have been concerned about his top two front teeth, as they were starting to turn a shade of grey.

We don't remember any major injury to cause this, but the dentist said it might not have been major trauma. We also were able to get him in to see the pediatric dentist this afternoon, to get a second opinion from someone that might see this more commonly. Both Dentists say we just need to keep watch for swelling above the teeth, under the lip. This would be abscess formation, and would then need the teeth pulled. Otherwise, they said it might just stay grey, might get lighter, and might just do nothing until he looses them later.
So we hope to not see any problems with that.