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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

End of month tidbits

• We went to Noah's 10th bday party this weekend. And lucky for the boys, it was at the high school pool! I put Aaron in my moby wrap and chatted with Jennifer, her parents, and Amy. The boys swam for about 1.5 hours and then we had cake in the cafeteria. I've got to try to remember this for birthday parties, especially for my fall and winter babies!

• A student of Tony's made this cute 'diaper-motorcycle' for us:

I've seen people make diaper cakes, but don't think I've seen this motorcycle done before. Too cute! Nana and Papa in Texas would LOVE this!

• Aaron had some awake time this weekend and was very alert in watching me talk to him. He just is so cute! I know, just a little biased, but I sure do have some cute bebes. ;)

• Such a sweet cuddling boy. It's hard for me to want to put him down to do things around the house.

• Lilo and Stitch love sitting near me or checking on Aaron when he's sitting in my lap.

This is from a different night...

• Here is a very awake and alert Aaron from the other night too.. And poor guy, this baby acne he's getting is taking away the spotlight on his handsomeness.

• Monday was a snow day, so I met up with Sara and Ella and took the boys to The Bounce Castle. We were there for a good 3.5 hours too!

It was completely empty when we first got there. And really didn't seem busy until the last half hour we were there. Definitely was nice to have them burn some energy.

• I picked up this heather grey knit fabric at Walmart for $1/yd and made two more Moby wraps from it. One is for Katie, due next month with her fourth boy. :)

Well that's it for now. Just wanted to play catch up from the last few days. :)

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