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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Plus Quilt

This was my first attempt at a Plus quilt and I'm pretty happy with it! It was actually pretty quick to put together, being that it is baby size. ;)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting back to sewing!

Since having my third son Aaron in January, I've done some sewing here and there over the last 2-3 months. I've been wanting to "open up shop" again, but wasn't all that thrilled on doing baby bedding again. Yea I'll probably do some things by request or word of mouth. But not quite the volume that I have done. I was getting a little burnt out. It case you didn't know, it takes A LOT of time! ;)
So I've been looking at other things I can sew and sell, some small items, that might help my fabric hoarding addiction.
I've recently made myself a Sling Ring and have gotten a lot of compliments on it and requests!

It's pretty easy to make so I've decided to get some supplies together, make an instruction sheet and whip some up!

When making my pamphlet, I also drew out these illustrations to show the different types of carry that you can do with a ring sling.

I'm loving this first style that I've picked out... Ombré! Everyone knows its a popular style right now. Why not have an ombré sling?!

So I've made my first one for sale yesterday, and have three more to make today that are sold. Still have two ombré left and will complete those, up until the ring choice. I'd like to let the buyer pick the ring choice, but we will see. I might just want to get them complete and ready to sell.
So here's the teal ombré I finished last night:

I also thought I'd change up my logo, colors and design a bit on my Facebook fan page. Just so you know, that's still me.

So if your interested, stop on over, message me, and let's talk!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


My oldest and my youngest...

The age span between these two is just over 7 years.

Lukas absolutely adores Aaron and is always talking to him and giving him kisses.

He loves being able to hold him in his lap.

It really makes my heart melt seeing him love on his baby brother.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

3 months old

I'm already falling behind on keeping up with blogging. At least I do have pictures during this past month!
Here is Aaron's 3 month old pic on the quilt I made him. :)

He's such a sweet heart. Always has a big grin on his face when you smile at him. I love the little bit of laughing that we are hearing too. And of course does the same thing as his brothers, gets the hiccups when he gets laughing too much, lol.

He's starting to bat at the hanging toys on his playmat. And being toys to his mouth. I still need to bring up more baby toys from the basement and get those cleaned for him to have more things to grab at.

He has way more rolls than his brothers did. Which I'm very thankful for, I've always wanted a chunky baby. What I don't like, is the redness and moisture that he seems to be having a problem with in his rolls. We've had problems with his neck rolls, under his arm pits, behind his knees, and in the thigh rolls. I've noticed that hydrocortisone cream seems to do the best at drying it up and clearing the red. But I hate the amount that I have used on his skin thus far. So I've been trying to also see how Coconut Oil does for it too. Especially in the thigh rolls, as there aren't much you want to use with cloth diapers. And coconut oil is okay to use with cloth diapers.
He has his appointment on Tuesday, so ill update with those stats then. And also will be asking about his redness in the rolls issue. Might have to get something for his neck, I'm a little afraid we might end up with a yeast issue there.
Other than that, he's a pretty happy baby. Absolutely LOVES to kick his legs when on the playmat and when I'm changing his diaper. He must love seeing all the colors on his wall of the wall quilt. :)

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

2 months old

Aaron, you're growing too fast for me, child. You're suppose to take this slow. You're momma's last baby, so I need to figure out a way to bottle all this up and save it for later. Mainly why I am taking so many pictures of you. Well and to also keep up with all the pics I took of your brothers. Someday I'll catch up on scrapbooks.

So cliche to say, but I can't believe it's been two months since we first met. I really am so blessed with a third, easy going, happy baby. I think it was your steady eye contact and gazing at me from day one that got you so in tuned with humans, and importantly, your momma. You truly were smiling with your eyes at 3-4 weeks. We got to see your mouth smiles at 5 weeks. Definitely love these big mouth grins now!

You're trying so hard to communicate with us, with your cooing. I had forgotten what happens at each stage and milestones. Which is nice, because it's like a little surprise when you do something new.
After birth I thought that you had favored Lukas more. But now I'm seeing a lot Brady facial characteristics comes thru. Still the profile looks like Lukas. I love seeing you become a mix of the two of them.

You're a great sleeper at night. Even though we haven't established an official sleep/eat schedule, you're usually down to sleep for the night between 8-10, and will sleep 5-6 hours for your first chunk, feed, then go right back to sleep another 3-4 hours. You just started this about 1-2 weeks ago, just after I went back to work.

You're also a great nurser. Pretty regular every 3 hours during the day, with the exception of just a few cluster feedings. We also started to try out cloth diapers this past week and we've done great with them so far and are using them about 70%. I can't wait to get our next shipment.

You're a total joy to have around, so rewarding! The boys are even great with you and love holding you! I'm looking forward to spring, so we can get you outside for you go explore.

We love you so much Aaron Oliver. You complete our family. :)

Edited to add...
2 month appt stats today:
Weight= 11lbs. 1oz.
Length= 24" long

(Birth: Weight=8lbs, Length=21")

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recap of the last couple weeks

My Aunt Sharon came to visit us, and met Aaron for the first time. She recently became a grandmother to twin boys born in December. So she's got the baby thing down pretty well, since Amber and Jerimee and the boys live with her right now.

I've gotten quite a bit of smiles from this little guy!

Of course the baby acne at its most...

And the cradle cap that's starting up on his head..

It's a good thing it didn't last too long... Now his face is starting to fill out and get that soft baby skin again :)

For valentines day, Lukas and I made his valentines. We took this (last minute) pic and made it into these valentines with suckers in them.

The boys got some snail mail valentines from Nana and Papa in Texas, and Grandma Carol. Funny thing is, they all arrived on the same day!

I made some fruit kabobs for Lukas school party. And happily ended up with a large container of leftover fruit for us at home!

Loving these random pics I took of him...

I went back to work last weekend. And apparently Aaron didn't want to sleep.. Or actually.. He couldn't fall asleep, because I wasn't there to nurse him to sleep. He still wouldn't take a binkie and apparently was awake for 5 hours straight. At least Tony did say that he wasn't crying really.
But he sure was all smiles on Sunday when I got to really spend some time with him again.

It definitely was reassuring to me when I came home every morning from work, and saw Aaron sleeping. Then I knew that he could survive the night without me. Now they just have to figure out this binkie situation and put thing himself to sleep. :)
Brady and Lukas are both doing great with Aaron. So far they haven't shown any signs of jealousy. I remember when Brady was born, Lukas used to tell us to put him down, so we could get something for him. So far they both have been understanding of when I can't get something for them, because I was feeding Aaron. Both are great about comforting him as well, when he starts crying. The common phrase they say to him, "It's okay Aaron... It's okay." :)