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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Lazy day

It's been such a lazy day so far. Although I really needed this. I've been really sick all weekend. Probably shouldn't have worked last night. But kept myself alive with cough medicine, cough drops and hot tea with lemon. I've gotten a bad cough and chest congestion, with stuffy/runny nose, and just feel overall tired and weak. Doesn't help that my pelvic muscles feel like they are gonna plummet to the ground anyhow.
Sitting on the couch with my boys, looking thru pics on my phone has been nice to see their reactions to the pictures.
Sounds funny, but I'm grateful for this iPhone. Makes picture taking and 'memory-saving' so much easier for me! Doing the picture a day app that turns it into a calendar has been nice too.
Anyways, this is my way of getting back into blogging and adding more memories of our family to our digital life.

Glimpse of today... Brady twirling his hair while playing the computer..

And Lukas trying out the app HeartBooth with me...

Here is one I did the other night as well...