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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Immmm BACK!!

In all seriousness... yes Im back to blogging. It needs to be done. Its been a year since my last post. I need to capture the memories. It will happen. My sister just moved to Florida with her new husband and has started blogging again, so ive got some motivation and inspiration to keep our blogging communication going.

I just have to figure out the best way for loading pics. Since that is what messed my up before. I think ill use Flickr, since ive got a pro account there and its so easy to load up there. I will probably even move over all these old posts to the archived blog (wordpress) so this starts a clean slate here. :)


  1. Blogger has an app. It's soooo easy. You can upload pics right from your phone into your posts. Save and publish. Glad you are back lady!!

  2. Yay!!!! And yes, Blogger app is very easy - and free!

  3. I use Flickr to host all my photos. Great integration with my Wordpress-installed blog. No need to host in more than one place!!

  4. YAY!!! i'm really exciting to be apart of the blogging world! we'll keep each other accountable!! I LOVE YOU!