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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 4 of Basement

Today Jacob finished up the small areas of drywall needed. Also he cut the wall down to a half wall between the sewing room and the playroom. And I love it!!

Standing on stairs and looking into the large storage closet. This will have bifold doors.

Walking from the stairs, to the left is the living area. He walled in the pole and drywalled the other side of this beam.

This is the other side of the beam, drywalled in.

In living area, with door on right to playroom.

Bathroom behind the pole, closet to the left of trash can. The light is coming from the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom, closet on the left.

Back in the living room near the beam and facing the corner fireplace.

Looking into the playroom. Yay for a half wall!! Sewing room to the left.

Closet in the sewing room.

In the sewing room, half way to the left. Closet to the right. And the French doors will go between the playroom and living area.

Standing in sewing room and looking into play room. Again, have I said I love my half wall!

In playroom, double French glass doors will go there. Under the stairs storage closet with all the toys currently pile in.

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